Rhapsody Music Lessons
Piano, Voice, Guitar, Woodwinds, Strings, Brass
125 Eastman Street, Route 106
Easton, MA 02375

Private Music Lessons.
Learn, Play and Perform!
We teach our students how to read music, play and sing, from beginner to advanced.
Learn & enjoy playing music in our bright, welcoming music studio!
Our music studios are bright, inviting and provide the perfect environment for one on one music lessons. Our window doors are perfect for observation for parents and students alike.

​Our music instructors cater each lesson around the individual needs of our students. We want everyone to learn music and enjoy doing it!
  1. Benefits Of Music Lessons:
    Music Lessons are beneficial for everyone, no matter their age or natural ability. Every person has a right to make music and enjoy themselves while doing so.
  2. For the shy, it draws them out. For the unsure, it helps their confidence. For the less coordinated, it improves fine motor control.
  3. For the easily distracted, it helps improve concentration. For the easily frustrated, it improves patience. For the forgetful, it improves memory.
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