Rhapsody Music Lessons
Piano, Voice, Guitar, Woodwinds, Strings, Brass
125 Eastman Street, Route 106
Easton, MA 02375

Private Music Lessons.
Learn, Play and Perform!
Our six, private music studios are equipped with: 
Acoustic Pianos-  2 Weber Upright Pianos, a Yamaha Professional Upright Piano and a Kawai Professional Upright Piano.
Drums, percussion, comfortable chairs and more.
Our largest room is perfect for group lessons and small group activities.
Enjoy central air conditioning.
Each teaching room also has windows in the door for observation.  
Our waiting room is roomy, bright, inviting and offers plenty of comfortable seating.
We have our own restroom and plenty of off street parking. 
We are conveniently located on the first floor.

Hours of Operation: ​
Monday - Friday 2:30 pm - on
Sat. and Sun. by appointment
Please call to see if we are open during school vacations.