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Private Music Lessons.
Learn, Play and Perform!
Learn and perform with the best at Rhapsody Music Lessons
Our talented and caring music instructors will help make your musical dreams, whatever they may be, come true! 
At Rhapsody Music Lessons, each student has the undivided attention of a well-qualified professional musician and teacher, who works with them one-on-one, to improve their skills. We believe that making music is joyful and we want to share our love of music-making with our students. We encourage them to spend time daily, practicing their instruments and working on their weekly lesson, so that we can continue helping them to build their skills.

Ellen DuBois
Piano Instructor, Begineer to Intermediate, Children and Adults, 
Former Music Director with Avon Park and Recreation
Present- Vocal Soloist, Pianist 
Former Emcee and lead vocalist in General Business Band
Former Finalist in Dave Maynard's Community Auditions
Former High School Accompianist for Chorus, Avon High School

​Published Author, and Proprietor
Katie D'Amarino
Voice Instructor
Beginner to Advanced​​
​(K-5 Music and Chorus Teacher)
Katie also teaches piano, flute and beginner clarinet.
Katie has been teaching private lessons for  20 years and loves doing it.  She enjoys watching students grow and flourish into awesome musicians!

Luigi Zanellato
Guitar Instructor
Beginner to Advanced, Classical, Rock, Blues, Jazz- You name it!
Luigi also performes live regularly both as a soloist and in a band.
Al DuBois
Piano Instructor
Expert pianist, Beginner to Advanced,  
Over 60 Years of experience in 
live performances  on the South Shore.
Madeleine Berner
(General, Chorus, Band)
​Accomplished Trombonist

Ages 3 and up, band instruments, singing and piano. beginners-advanced in all the following instruments. woodwinds: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, baritone/euphonium, percussion (including drum set in various styles).
Trombone is Madeleine's speciality and she is qualified to provide the most advanced instruction (college/professional). She primarily teaches classical/band repertoire and jazz (including improvisation skills).
Reena Bates
Piano Instructor
Beginner - Advanced
Part time accompianist at local churches and at Parkview Elementary School.
Classical, Contemporary and more. 
​Reena is also a commissioned artist.
Alyce Crowell
Piano Instructor
Beginner Students
Retired public school teacher, second grade and special needs students.
Beginner piano students are her specialty.
Other skills include: Vocalist in a  choral group/performances and watercolor painting. 
Jordan Ennis
Voice Instructor
Beginner to Advanced
​Jordan is a public school general music teacher for grades K through 8 as well as a choral director for grades 4 through 8.  Her students love her and they feel the same at Rhapsody! 
The Private Music Instructors of  Oliver Ames and other schools in the community including West Bridgewater and Brockton.
A welcome addition to the Rhapsody family!
Private lessons for all your jazz and marching band instruction, including  brass,  woodwinds, percussion, strings and more. 
Kirstie Wheeler- Voice, (currently waiting list)
Robert Wheeler- Band Instruments
Lorrie Hassan- Flute, Woodwinds
Jeff Benson- Band Instruments
Pat Stout- Trumpet
Austin Yancey- Saxophone
Tom Olivieri- Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute
Tim May- Trombone, Trumpet
Mike Casano- Drums/Percussion
Kristy Foye- Violin, Cello
Ian Legge- Cello, Beginner Guitar, Drums
Carion Chu- Stand up & Stick Bass
Meet our wonderful group of talented, caring music teachers!
Hours of Operation: ​
Monday - Friday 2:30 pm - on
Sat. and Sun. by appointment
Please call to see if we are open during school vacations.